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Quality Medical and Legal Transcription
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Simplicity and Technology at your Fingertips

USAType will provide you with a transcription service that will allow you to care for your patients and never worry about your medical records. We offer many simple solutions with no capital investment. If you have an internet-enabled computer you are ready to take advantage of all we have to offer.

You will never have the concerns associated with in-office transcription staff, such as employee turnover, training, providing benefits, overhead office equipment costs, and restrictions, such as an 8-hour day. You save thousands annually.
You are billed only for the lines that are typed for you: No overtime. No paid time off. You pay for your documents, in your customizable format of choice with no hidden costs.

We have experienced medical transcriptionists working virtually around the clock to provide fast, accurate 24-hour turnaround time on your important medical documents, plus stat reports on request. Our transcriptionists are held to the highest accuracy standards and follow the AHDI Book of Style for consistency. We are 100% HIPAA compliant, including the new HITECH Act, and your patients' confidentiality is guaranteed.

We offer traditional transcription, voice recognition editing, EMR integration and more.
Our Medical Services & Technology
Convenience and Security

For your convenience uploading is a simple "dock and walk" process with no confusing steps. The web-based tool puts you in control of your medical records workflow from start to finish. You have the ability to view, listen, edit, e-sign, fax, print and more all from one simple web page, as well as access to friendly, helpful online technical support.

Document retrieval is simple and can be accessed from any internet-enabled computer. In addition to being able to print your reports, your documents are also stored on the password protected, HIPAA compliant, secure server for retrieval at anytime from anywhere. Our interface is also able to be integrated with most EMR systems.

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